NN Maker's Shop Vendor Information and Application

This page is for Artisans and small home business entrepreneurs etc. interested in  becoming a vendor at Naturally Northbank  All applications are considered and those who  are accepted will be contacted via email. Preference is given to homemade products and products made locally or in Alberta. 

We believe in sharing your passion, creativity, heart and soul with our friends, family and  community. Our gift shop is dedicated to the creative soul and the promotion of those  individuals to our community.  

We strive to take over the stress of selling and allow you the freedom to create. We also offer  you a larger client base.  

We opened our Maker’s Shop March 6, 2023 and have been running for over 1 year!

 Please fill out the application here: https://forms.gle/zzPm63aNcWFjNTRH6

What we Offer  

Support from the Naturally Northbank team brings experience in the field of merchandising, marketing, advertising, leadership, networking and entrepreneurship. We have a gift shop ambassador to manage your sales, displays and barcoding of your items with the prices you provide. There is no need for you to work shifts or attend meetings. Our point-of-sale system allows you to see your sales and your inventory levels so you will know when to send new stock and to track your sales. We cover all the costs of the boutique as well as the advertising. We will be offering email promotions & events for our customers, and you will be invited to participate in these by offering discounts and/or prizes; participation in these is completely at your discretion, however, they are an amazing way to increase your sales and create awareness of your products so we encourage you to join in.  


Vendors are able to apply year-round. As a vendor you are permitted to bring new, pre approved products into the giftshop for the duration of your contract.  We understand that not every crafter & craft is not the same. Therefore, if our standard rent option does not work for you… please do not hesitate to let us know what does and we will do our best to accommodate it!

Merchandising Displays  

If you have your own merchandising items and/or displays, please discuss with us as we will  incorporate whatever will work well with your products and the gift shop. Displays should be  thoughtful and cohesive to the boutique environment. We will update and rotate regularly  to keep things fresh and inviting.  


All products must be tagged & priced. You will be provided with a Vendor Code.  


We are located in the heart of Downtown Smoky Lake. Our location is a very popular spot in the local parcel pitstop building. We will be the first room on the right when you enter this location which makes it a popular spot for people to stop in and check it out. This is also a gift shop that will be one of a kind to Smoky Lake and the surrounding area, offering handmade items. Our Address is 141 White Earth St Smoky Lake, AB

Social Media  

We will be utilizing Instagram, and Facebook. If you have videos of your products, or you using your products, or are willing to join us in a video, please let us know.  We will work on vendor features daily.


We are updating our website to feature all of your items for sale online. These items will be listed and available for online sales no longer than 4 weeks after item is dropped off. 


We wish to personalize your products as much as possible. We request you to provide a short  Bio on your story for display in our boutique and also for use in our social media marketing on “Meet the Maker”.  


All vendors are recommended to have their own liability insurance and business insurance for loss for damages, fire, flood, theft etc.. Despite everyone’s best intentions and efforts, accidents and unusual events do happen. 

Insurance for your small business can be easily added to your home or farm policy for a small  fee.  

Theft and Vandalism  

There is an inherent risk with store fronts, in regards to losses due to theft, accidents, and  vandalism. We will use our best efforts to avoid these circumstances. Please  

note, we will not have security tags on your items, nor do we have bars/metal shutters on our  windows. All vendors agree to assume this inherent risk and the boutique will not be  responsible for any losses incurred.  


Shipping is at the Vendor's expense. Often, monthly or more, we are in the Edmonton area so arrangements can also be made to meet in the Edmonton area to minimize  these costs.  

Food Vendors  

All products must be prepared & labeled per Canada food regulations. You must also provide us with your food handling permit from AHS. These requirements do not apply to non-processed foods such as fresh fruit & vegetables.  

Competitive Vendor Rates  

**customized pricing is also available for large ticket items such as larger paintings, quilts,  high end merchandise, or vendors requiring large space etc; please contact us to discuss  

We do strive to keep as much money in your pocket as possible; we also understand every  person’s situation is different. As a result, we have created options for providing a boutique  environment for you.  

We have a minimum 6-month lease requirement as it is a lot of work to onboard new vendors and to set up your inventory. If you plan to discontinue or continue your lease after the 6 month period, notice must be given no later than the last day of the 5th month. 

Please circle which option will work best for you:  

  1. ONE SHELF: 
  • $50/month plus 10% Commission 
  • 6-month lease  
  • You are guaranteed ONE shelf space (3ft in length) + one box of inventory that will be kept for us to restock as needed, if we have extra room we will be sure to have as much of your inventory out as possible.
  • Customized rate based on conversation due to volume, size, product display, etc.

***GST is in addition to above.  

Rent is due upon submission of your signed agreement and on the 1st day of each month  thereafter. Rent & commission is deducted from your sales prior to your monthly payout. In the event of non-payment, inventory is kept and sold to cover any unpaid rent of subsequent months. 

If you need help with pricing your products or which option to choose, please reach out. We  want you to be profitable!  

Contact us  

All questions can be directed to giftshopnaturallynorthbank@gmail.com or by texting (to schedule a call) 780-521-1416


Please fill out the application here: https://forms.gle/zzPm63aNcWFjNTRH6



*Please note we will be doing our best to avoid overlap of products, please apply as soon as possible!

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